How to Make Your Business Rocks – Chapter 1


I have already saw many people willing to start their business. They started it. But, at the end, their business is not growing, and they can’t find why, so they can’t find how.

Noticed with that, I wrote some sort of how-to. So maybe I can help you with these how-to. It is (and everything you need to success) basically contain 3 elements. These are:

  1. Mental
  2. Interaction
  3. Management

These elements also has possibility to be implemented in every life’s aspect.

Now, I think it’s time for you to read the how-to. Here it is.

Think BIG

Before reading this, I will tell you about my research related to this topic.

First, many people don’t believe this. So that’s why successful people rarely found.

Second, many people said that they have already know about this. But they don’t want to implement this.

Third, many people are too lazy to think BIG.

So, I think that’s the conclusion of my research. Now, let me to tell you what, why, and how to think BIG.

What is “think BIG”?

Many people don’t know what is think BIG. But, even after I have explained it to them, they would not believe it.

So, think BIG is a psychological method to indirectly drive your way to success. Using human’s mind to control spirit, will, and even physical condition.

Why must we “think BIG”?

Driving your way to success require high spirit, will, and a healthy body. This can be done by thinking BIG. Think BIG is all about optimism.


How can we “think BIG”?

As I have said above, think BIG is all about optimism. But, I think it is not explained yet. So please follow me until the bottom of this post.

First, you need to think BIG about yourself. This is the basic step about thinking BIG. How to do this is to make sure that you are the greatest, the most beautiful, and the most perfect human in this world. And no one can beat you.

You can make a speech to think BIG easier. You can read it in front of a mirror.

But, is this related with my business?

Yes, exactly. Think BIG about anything. Gain full optimism about any project you are working on. And for example, your own product.

How can I implement “think BIG” method to my business?

You can implement this by being optimist about your business. Make sure you think that your business will rock, and it will be a well-known business, and its successful period will be forever. Then, after thinking BIG, you will realize that you are having so much energy than before, to realize your dream about your business.


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How to Promote Yourself Effectively


I have seen lots of people want to be a famous person. This can be done by doing great thing, and a many more. Doing great thing always improve popularity if the “great thing” that have been worked known well by many people. But it is not, I think it is useless.

There are many other ways to promote yourself. But, now I will talk about social media. Even this method can still divided into many acts. For example, social media promoting method possibly divided into two ways. First is to spread useful information. Second is to insult someone famous so you will gain popularity even if it is a kind of bad popularity.

I write about the “good” method. So it maybe take some time to make it work. But as soon as you are gaining popularity. I can guarantee you that you are gaining “positive” popularity. I have explained this “good” kind of self-promoting method below. Here it is.

Participate widely

To be a well-known person, you can’t just only involving yourself in one social media. You must try ALL OF IT. So make account for every social media. Add some pictures. Write something useful. Respond to people’s opinion or question, and you will naturally gaining popularity.

But remember that every social media has its own differences. For example, friend in Facebook described as follower in Twitter. Social media’s mechanism also has many differences too. Like Instagram’s photo sharing social media mechanism which very different from Twitter’s text based tweet system. So, I think you must learn to use every social media.

Don’t forget to link

Almost every social media has a linking feature. So you can link your account to other social media account. For example, if you have a Facebook account, you may link it with your Twitter account. So if you share something via your Facebook account, your Twitter account will automatically share it too. So you must try this step. You can save lots of time.

Remember that you can also share your blog, website, product, or many other thing via your social media account. So, social media can also improve your product’s popularity.

Be active

As a natural social media user. You can’t just disappear from online social interaction without any notification. This can make your friend, or maybe your follower angry and they can even broke their relationship with you. So I think one status or tweet or everything similar is enough for one day.

Make a product and promote it

I have already said that most of great people do great work, then, they will naturally promoted by their great work. But, I also have already said that the best method to promote yourself is to promote yourself first, and then create great work.

But, this one is slightly different. You can create some buzz about a product you will make and share it via social media. This will make your upcoming product much more anticipated. But, remember this, your product must be a very useful one. For example, you can create an e-book and give it for free. This will increase your popularity. Because in this method, we use “promote great work before you do it”.

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Speaking Tips for Negotiation and Presentation

Successful Negotiation

To be a good businessman and investor, you need to have an amazing speaking skill, especially for negotiating decision between you and other parties, and I have compiled a list for you that will help you to speak better than good.

Speak Directly

Direct communication is the best way to build trust. So never negotiate via telephone, email, or something like that. People will see you as a person with a lot of commitment, and it is good for a businessman.

Include a Proposal

If you are negotiating something, maybe a very important thing, you can include a proposal for your negotiation. It can make your negotiation process looks “clear”. One more important tips, you can include your proposal in three different ways. If you want to finish negotiation right in front of your business partner (I mean face-to-face), you can include your proposal before negotiation, maybe one or more days, so your business partner fully understand about your negotiation before making any decision. Second, you can also include your proposal when negotiation are on the way. Then, give your business partner time to read it. Third, you can include your proposal after a face-to-face with your business partner. So you will have to give your business partner a time.

Speaks Naturally

No one like “scripted” stories. It looks unnatural. So I suggest you to speak naturally. Do not imitate someone else. Just be yourself, it is the best way to live.

Speaks = Telling New Story

When you speak, think that you are telling new story that never heard before. Give it some fun. Give it some climax. Give it unpredictable like a new story. So when you speak, you will look like a narrator. But that’s the key. Well speaker is a well entertainer.

That’s it !. Now, you can train your own speaking skill by speaking in the front of a big mirror, or record your own voice.

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